About Twinkle C

Okay, I’m here now.
I’m not always writing in English but mainly in Cantonese.

Twinkle C is the blogger in Hong Kong who focus in Beauty and Fashion. I just found that my blog is too much wordings. I feel it tired and bored… …

The heavy contenting make me slow update but I know the PR like it very much ( but I don’t like it actually!)

Creating “ Twinkle C – Daily Snap”, is the idea from my mind. I just want to keep my sharing in Fastest and Freshest.

A photo with few words. No stupid texting and long long description………

Hope you will enjoy it~

Please visit my main blog, if you want to see how stupid I’m making …. … Ops, but that is in Cantonese… …

Thanks for your support and follow!

Stupid Twinkle C
Space Twinkle 004

E-mail:   leesiuj@gmail.com
Blogspot:   http://siujslife.blogspot.hk/
WordPress:   http://siujslife.wordpress.com/
she.com: http://blog.she.com/twinklec
The Ztyle: http://www.twinklec.theztyle.com
U beauty:   http://www.ubeauty.com.hk/member_blog/twinklec/
Qooza Beauty:   http://beauty.qooza.hk/u/siujslife
Myage: http://www.myage.hk/twinkle_c/
Beauty Life: http://www.beautylife.hk/?63154
FNB:   http://www.fnb.hk/blog/29297
BECE:   http://blogazine.beautyexchange.com.hk/?152167
Elle Blog: http://blogs.elle.com.hk/siujslife/
Pixnet:   http://siujslife2012.pixnet.net
Fan Piece: http://www.fanpiece.com/siujslife/
Seeagainla:   http://www.seeagainla.com/mychannel/twinklec/
Weibo: http://weibo.com/bloggertwinklec
Youtube:   http://youtube.com/siujslife

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